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Thierry Soubestre, CEO at Social Karma

Digital Transformation: How to make better use of your own and other available data

Thierry Soubestre, CEO at Social Karma.

Starfish “Digital Dialogues”, British Chamber of Commerce, Brussels, 28 June, 2016.


Social media engagement analytics


“(Social) Data is the new Oil. It’s only useful when it’s refined.”

Social networks have, in less than 10 years, changed the way we communicate and interact with our friends, colleagues, prospects and customers. Each and everyone of us share details about their life: things we do, things we like, who we are connected with, the music we love, the causes we defend, who we vote for, what we buy or consume, what sports we practice, what media we watch, read or listen to, etc. On professional Social Networks, we expose our educational background, our skills, our connections.

All of this represents only the beginning of a revolution in the way we are using the abundance of data at our disposal.

In the context of Digital Marketing, this ocean of data represents an exceptional opportunity for the one who knows how to make the best out of it. But it is also synonym of great danger for those who are flying blind, because they don’t know how to exploit it or worse because they do it the wrong way.Marketers are often left alone when defining the right targets, contents, audiences and measuring the performance of their campaigns efficiently.

That’s the reason why Social Karma was created!
Social Karma has the mission of empowering marketing decision making by leveraging Social

We currently offer two SAAS solutions, Page Karma and Profiler.

Page Karma is a Social Media analytics tool that help marketers measure and optimize their performance on all social networks. By focusing on the right metrics and KPIs , by providing the right visualizations, we allow marketers to understand what they are doing and improve their social media presence.

Profiler leverages Facebook data in order to create in depth persona with exclusive insights (>3500 criteria) about consumer demographics, behaviours, interests.
The service qualifies the audience of your choice :
● Customer database (email addresses or phone numbers)
● People interested in a specific Brand
● Website visitors
● Facebook fans

As a result, the market research outputs are highly accurate and attractive to marketers seeking to optimise their marketing strategy. The complete understanding of your audiences can be used for many purposes : Overall brand strategy, Content strategy definition, partnerships and media planning just to name a few.

Thierry Soubestre

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