Your organisation

Many organisations – whether commercial, non-profit or public share the same challenges: How can we spend more time making sure we respond to the needs of our customers and less time on the administration of running an organisation.

As StarfishMRM we work for many different sizes and types of organisations (company, NGO, association, federation, trade organisation, public institution). This can be a 1 person operation or hundreds of people spread across multiple offices in multiple countries.

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Your challenges

We need to demonstrate ever better value for our customers/members and respond more effectively to their needs

We need to improve our contacts with our members/clients – track how we interrelate and make decisions on real time intelligence and insights

We need a simple, easy to use system tailored to our needs

We want to avoid duplication and break down silo working, automating tasks that take up too much time

We need to improve our leads, contacts development and conversion rates

We need to share and make more effective use of our data – collaborate, report and grow the organisation

We must ensure our new data management system is fully integrated with our website and other functionalities

Your desired outcomes

I can run my organisation more efficiently and at a lower cost

I can access all the data I need, any time, anywhere

We can integrate all our interactions with our clients, events, campaigns and focus on building our business

We are recognised by our clients and stakeholders as a leading edge organisation internationally

I can focus on delivering the services our clients want

I can engage directly with my clients and stakeholders more effectively and consistently